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Ordinary Nothing Special Days

2018 was a blur for me and here we are, halfway through with 2019. Looking over my last post (so long ago) which laid out the four areas I wanted to focus on in 2018, I realized that I did accomplish some of what I set out for.

One of my goals was to focus on writing 500 words a day with an accountability partner, hoping to finish my second book in the Prudence series. While I did not stick to the daily word count goal, I do feel like I accomplished a lot in this area. I found a good writer's group. I wrote consistently and opened myself up for honest feedback which I feel has grown my craft considerably this year. I am almost finished with the second book and also started a full novel. And lastly, I have entered into numerous writing competitions this year which also worked to hone my skills. Thanks to the writing group's resources, I am hoping to also submit some of those stories and articles for publication.

Both the Finances and Business goals I listed went WAY by the wayside, but even in that, I gained valuable insight into myself and what I really want from life. In the midst of one of the most tumultuous years of my life, I have learned how to achieve peace. Sometimes it lasts for days and sometimes only minutes, but is definitely huge progress from my previously over anxious broodings.

My longing for travel also did not manifest this last year however I am not giving up. My travel book collection keeps increasing, my passport is up to date and I make plans regularly so that I am ready at a moment's notice should the opportunity present itself.

Several things that made the 2018 list that I did not account for were:

My son (and youngest child) married his high school sweetheart. They dated and shared life experience for five years before the wedding and I believe are way ahead of the game already. I very much enjoy hanging out with them as being drawn into their fun and laughter keeps me young.

My daughter and son-in-law had a baby girl and spending time with her fills me to overflowing! My first I have become a Gigi. I could stare at, smell, and squeeze that darling for hours! It really is the best medicine!

Finally, I lived the last year with my sister. Being seven years apart, we were not super close growing up. However once she graduated college, she moved out to spend some time living with my family while establishing her residency. During those years we became very friends. After years of living apart, it was fun to share a place, just the two of us, this year.

I found out in April 2018 that I was ill and so this last year has been a difficult one however in the midst of it all, life goes on and I have learned to find the truly precious moments right in the middle of what seems to be just an ordinary nothing special day.

Here's looking to many more "ordinary nothing special days"....

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