What people are saying about Prudence's Prize-Winning Pie.....

"This story is SO CUTE! As entertaining for adults as it is for children so reading it aloud is a blast! Would definitely recommend!

Lauren Canizales

"A light hearted FUN romp in a child's world. Prudence is a character a child will attach to, love, and want to read more of her adventures. An easy delightful read for any age. A great read aloud book too. The illustrations are truly wonderful. The author seemed to capture the mind of a young girl who is full of...life, curiosity, a touch of innocent mischief, and...well...you will definitely wonder...what is she going to do next? Looking forward to more adventures."

Loretta Sethe-All


"Definitely a page-flipper."

Robyn Kimball

"Love, love, love! This book was so fun to read to the kids and they loved the art work! I hope the author will do another one!"

Dana Lynn Tuttle

"I Love this book! The story was so cute for Kids and Adults that like to see the world through a child's eyes. The illustrations were adorable and I can’t wait for Prudence’s next adventure."

Ragini Patel

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