Meet the Illustrators

Isabelle Drobnik
The Many Thrones of Princess Carlie


Isabelle is a recent high school graduate from Charlotte, NC who was invited to join the Honors College at Berry College in North Georgia this fall. Having shown an interest in creative expression from a young age, Isabelle likes to spend her free time pursuing fine arts. She enjoys drawing, reading and writing, scary movies, and playing with her 2 dogs and her cat, Judah. 

Benjamin Flanders
Traveling by Whirlwind


Ben lives in Charlotte, NC with his wife Kassandra. He has spent over 12 years of his life working with children in different areas, whether it is volunteering in his local church's Children's Ministry or helping cultivate future innovators in technology teaching STEM curriculum Summer Camps. Ben has a passion for creativity, videography, video games, and community. You can find him chatting with his online followers on

during his weekly video podcast and gaming streams. While Ben is currently working hard to improve his graphic design skills he is always on the lookout for where life will take him next. (Ben illustrated Traveling by Whirlwind when he was just 7 years old).

Rosemarie Gillen
Prudence and the Prize-Winning Pie


Professional, published award-winning illustrator who has illustrated well over 75 books. As a professional freelance Children's Book Illustrator, she believes it is her job to bring the characters in your book to life through lively, colorful, illustrations. You can find a portfolio of her work at



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